Company Cornerstones

EFl’s Vision, Mission, and Aim

Vision: To be the global leader in growth stage financing and enhance economic development through emerging enterprises

Mission: To equip emerging entrepreneurs with the right mindset, essential skills, and the necessary financial support to achieve sustainable business growth

Aim: For clients to achieve success For our investors to enjoy above-market returns For our employees to have a productive and enjoyable working environment To empower our Sales Partners and Affiliates to create wealth

“EFI” Values

Efficiency – We shall endeavor to optimize the effectiveness of our business operations through well-structured policies, the streamlining of procedures, and the standardization of methods. We shall work as a team in the development and innovation of processes that promote client convenience.

Flexibility – We shall, at all times, attempt to address and satisfy our clients’ needs. We shall remain tenacious and dynamic in all business proceedings and proactively approach our clients with value-added solutions.

Integrity — We shall never engage in any business activity that is against the written law or its inherent intent and purpose. In every decision we make, we shall exercise strong ethical judgment based upon a consistent framework of principles. Profit shall, at all times, be sacrificed in favor of honesty and moral obligation.