Last Updated On August 2016

10 Affordable Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Marketing is important in a business because without it, your business will not be known to your target market. Once you are able to harness the power of marketing, it would be easy for you to promote your business sans the great expenditures. Here are the top 10 marketing strategies for the cash-strapped:

Use videos as your tool. 

You could post videos on Facebook or on your blog to advertise your product or service. A simple info-commercial done by your team can instantly attract potential customers. However, make sure that the infomercial is done creatively. Likewise, choose a gadget that is high-definition and doesn’t have glitches. FYI, videos can reach a wider audience.

If you have a website, you could post case studies that link or say about the benefits of your product or service. 

The advantage of case studies is that they are objective and backed by science and statistics.

Take advantage of your blog. In this age of technology, the blog is an indispensable tool to use to reach your target market. 

Use your blog to post your videos, articles, press releases, pictures, and testimonials. Fortunately, there are free blog platforms on the Web, such as WordPress and Blogger.

Get listed on Google maps. 

People would appreciate it if they could easily find your office. Provide a map for them to follow. Also, don’t forget to include your office address and contact information such as your email and office telephone number.

Look for clues in forums.

Know what the consumers have to say about a product. Research and compare and contrast products. If possible, conduct a product test yourself and see if they are parallel with the reviews of customers in the forums.

Share your info over the web. 

It’s high time that you take advantage of the Internet. Post your content through social media. Open Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. Since people are now gadget-driven, it would be easier for you to reach them if you yourself are tech-savvy.

Drive interest in your services or products through content curation.

This means you have to compile information about your service, be it a study, a fun fact, trivia, or interviews.

Use online services and start building your email list. 

This list can easily reach customers who want to be updated about your products and services. It would also help if you could send newsletters and other e-marketing tools and materials.

Create a Facebook page. 

This page will be seen all over the site and when advertised properly, could drive more clients to your website. You could also use the Facebook page as a mini-website where you could address questions of clients.

Use the Internet to get attention from the media and potential partners. 

You never know how far you could go with the Web. With all the million subscribers of Facebook and Twitter, don’t get surprised when a media outfit suddenly contacts you and decides to interview you. The tip is to graciously accept the offer.

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