Last Updated On October 2022

A Definitive Guide to Moment Marketing for Small Businesses

Being seen is very important if you want your business to reach your target market and convert them to transacting clients. That is why marketing is important in any business. You see brands advertise on television, radio, in newspapers, and now online. However, for small businesses, spending on ads is out of the picture, as it may eat up a big chunk of their money that is better spent on keeping the business up and running.

Thankfully, with social media, small businesses are able to promote their brands for free nowadays. Still, with everyone on social media, small businesses have to compete to get their target audience’s attention. This is where quality content is necessary. You may have posts about your products or services on your social media accounts, share content posted by your customers, or utilize moment marketing. The first two may already be familiar, but what is moment marketing and how can it help SMEs improve their businesses?

What is moment marketing and why is it important?

Moment marketing is taking advantage of a popular, ongoing event by creating communication materials related to that event. It could be an occasion, a major sporting event, or the finale of a popular television series. You may also check trending hashtags to see what “netizens” are currently talking about. The goal is to be part of the online conversation about that event, so potential customers will see your brand. This is also considered as viral marketing.

For starting brands, this is important as it allows the brand to be seen by a wider set of audience, who may not avail of the brand’s products or services right away but will be familiar with the brand. Aside from increasing brand awareness, here are reasons for utilizing moment marketing:

  1. It increases brand engagement.
    Current events are engaging, so posting about them may increase engagement on your brand’s page. For social media platforms like Facebook, an engaging post is shown to more people, so you reach more audience.
  2. It is cost-effective.
    You may opt to promote your marketing material to reach more audience, but as long as it is creative, it will be shareable even without spending a centavo. Consider it a cost-effective, if not free, advertising for your brand.
  3. It leads to conversion.
    In the marketing funnel, the first step is brand awareness. You have to let people become familiar with your brand first before you can expect them to patronize your business. With effective moment marketing materials, expect transacting clients to come in not long after. There may also be times when you make your audience buy your products right away. This is called micro moments in digital marketing.

Moment Marketing Strategies to Consider

Moment marketing is more than just posting about an ongoing event. To be truly effective, you have to employ strategies to make your moment marketing material a “thumb-stopper.” Here are some strategies to consider.

  1. Post on the right time. For events broadcast on television or in real-time online, it is best to post during a peak or highlight moment. For example, a simple congratulations post right after the announcement of the winner in a sports match or beauty pageant can boost engagement on your page.
  2. Use humor. Filipinos have funny bones. If you notice, many of the posts online that go “viral” are those that are funny. However, avoid posting jokes that may be offensive or insensitive to particular groups or sectors of society.
  3. Use memes. Memes may not be for everyone. Use this if your target audience is millennials or those from generation Z. Memes resonate more with the younger audience, as they can easily get the reference.
  4. Sell subtly. Users of social media platforms do not want to be sold products directly. So, it’s best to craft a strategic social media strategy that could capture the interest of the general audience. Be careful with inserting your products or services in your moment marketing posts. Sometimes, having your brand name is enough. If you want to mention your products or services, make it witty or integrate it with the material so well that it is not hard-sell.
  5. Stick to your branding. If you have already established your brand identity, be sure to still stay true to it. Remember that not everyone is your target market, so you do not have to ride the waves always.

Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and follow big brands for great moment marketing examples.

Designing a Moment Marketing Campaign for Your Small Business

Coming up with the right content for your moment marketing requires a creative mind. As a business owner, you may already be busy focusing on your business’s day-to-day operations and unable to think of content for your social media campaigns. If this is the case, employing a social media marketer, or even hiring an agency if your finances allow it, will be helpful. If your budget is a little tight, hiring a freelancer may be more beneficial.

It is understandable that some small businesses may be apprehensive about spending on employing talents for online marketing. But remember that it is not expensive if it is worth it. Just think of the benefits you will reap from having a strong presence online. However, if your cash flow is preventing you from getting the help you need to fuel your dreams, you may need to get a business loan.

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