Last Updated On August 2016

Building a winning team with the help of a business loan

As the old saying goes, “There’s power in numbers.”. While you keep that cliché in mind, as a Filipino SME (Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise) owner, it’ll dawn on you that you need to be strategic with your people – and you need to be so regularly. Assess your team; is it as productive as desired? Remember that your chief goal is to avoid letting the fate of your business take a backseat.  If you’re willing to reach new heights with a group, why not brush up on a set of dynamic skills as the mighty leader?

Let the evaluation begin!

As a business owner, you need to subject all the members of your team for evaluation. To determine whether each one is capable of handling his job as planned, monitor them individually. List down their duties and carefully analyze if they have sufficient skills for these.

For instance, your business is a small burger station and you delegated the tasks among three employees. One is in charge of the cooking, the other is in charge of the inventory (also the financial adviser), and the last member is in charge of customer service. After assessing employee # 1, move on to employee # 2, and finally, employee # 3.

The Two Cs to a Winning Team


A team is supposed to collaborate, rather than have one member handle all the jobs and have the others watch his progress. The collaborative process causes a reduction in working hours, as well as labor, financial investment, and other resources. There’s a pretty good chance that the output is WAY better, too.

Moreover, collaboration is behind a brilliant team because collaboration is concerned more with benefitting your business; the members should have shared goals and should work hand in hand to achieve those shared goals. It may focus on building a harmonious relationship for the desired workforce, but the main concentration is on your enterprise’s structure and eventual growth.


As a business owner, figure out whether the people you’re in business with can communicate well with you and others in the team: Can members address their concerns? Can members instantly get in touch with one another? Can members value the idea of their fellows?

By means of effective communication, there’s no hindrance to a team. If vague matters were stated, members can have this clarified, instead of resorting to assumptions; lack of freedom for discussions can bring about feuds.

Assertiveness Is Key

While the members are important components of your team, you have to acknowledge the fact that as their leader, you’re as important; be assertive by owning the responsibility as “the big man”. Without you to give assignments, set regulations, and organize the system - basically, keep the entire business under control, a sense of direction is unlikely to be achieved. Put it this way: you’re the one who is keeping the brickwork together.

Moreover, assertiveness is a leadership quality that spells success; it inspires others. If your people see you as highly confident, assured, and dedicated, they’ll begin taking you seriously. In other words, if your people see you as a leader who is worthy of respect, they’ll deliberately follow your lead.

Does your business have a winning team?

Building a winning team and developing your company’s culture may take time as it will involve all members of your business. While there is no perfect formula to build one, developing a clear direction and placing right leadership will make the journey easier for everybody.

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