Last Updated On July 2015

EFI allocated employee-raised funds to Kite Flying Activity

Clearing skies were a blessing for the participants of Kythe Foundation’s first independent Kite Flying event last 4th of July in College of Science Amphitheater in UP Diliman – to which Esquire Financing has sponsored to give opportunity for the kids to reunite with their friends from different hospitals, play traditional Filipino games like sipa and tumbang preso, and the participate in the eponymous kite flying.

In small groups, the kids and the volunteers worked to design their own colorful handmade kites – some of which included messages of thanks to Kythe or drawings of their family members. Corporate sponsors raised kites handpainted by Kythe volunteers; all kites flew in unison as a tribute to the inspiration of the Kythe kids from the past till the present, and their unceasing ability to give hope to the organization and to each other