Last Updated On August 2020

Esquire Financing Inc. Business Loans Without Collateral

In 2011, Rajan Uttamchandani founded Esquire Financing Inc. (EFI) with the single purpose of providing efficient and flexible funding to small and medium enterprises (SME) wherever they are in the Philippines. However, with a mindset that has never allowed him to rest contently on his laurels, he never stopped searching for more innovative ways to understand and serve his loyal customers.

In one of his many casual exchanges of ideas with Esquire Financing's clientele, it became apparent to Rajan that one of the greatest weaknesses of the SME is its failure to grow towards the direction of becoming a large, mature business.

In other words, it had been an unfortunate case of “once an SME, always an SME”.

After taking a more in-depth look into this realization, it became crystal clear that once an SME is at that stage wherein it is ready to grow and take its business to the next level, these companies need a specific formulation of support that requires a delicate combination of intelligent funding and strategic guidance.

These companies that are ready to take that next step are officially in the “Growth Stage” – the most exciting, most demanding and most strategic stage of a business. With its potent Php 1 billion-portfolio, Esquire Financing Inc. is poised to utilize and focus its core expertise on the success of its patrons as the Leaders in Growth Stage Financing.

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