Last Updated On December 2020

Holiday message from the President and COO

Every year, this time brings joy, togetherness, and the feeling of gratitude to our hearts.  Families and friends come together to celebrate Christmas and enjoy each other's company and love.  

This year is a little different, but not entirely so.  While we may not be partying as much or spending as many nights out of our homes, the feeling of gratitude and unity remains.  We thank God for allowing us to survive this extraordinary pandemic, for the scientists and frontliners who continually battle this virus, for our leaders who are facing economic and health challenges, and for our countrymen who cooperate with all the safety protocols.  Together, we will be able to surpass this - victorious and on our path to recovery.

At Esquire, we pray for you and your families to remain safe, healthy, and happy amidst the festivities of this holiday season.  May our Good Lord bless you always.  

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Navin I. Uttamchandani

President & Chief Operating Officer