Last Updated On December 2022

Profitable Christmas Business Ideas to Start This Holiday

The Christmas season is indeed the most wonderful time of the year. Colorful lanterns light up streets and homes at night, joyful Christmas melodies can be heard on every corner, celebrations overflowing with food happen left and right, and gifts are exchanged among friends and families.

This season is also a great opportunity for businesses. After all, employees receive their 13th-month pay and Christmas bonus during this season, so they have extra money to spend on products and services they do not usually avail themselves of. However, due to the pandemic, the Christmas season has not been the same for the past two years. With lockdowns and quarantines, people stayed in their homes to celebrate, gatherings were done online, and purchases were limited to essential stuff. This led to fewer purchases, which affected businesses, particularly small ones.

With the wide availability of vaccines, however, things are slowly going back to normal, or at least the new normal. While we still have our guards up as COVID-19 is still present, the overall mood of the business community is pleasant, with establishments operating at almost pre-pandemic levels. Business–minded people or startup business owners can take advantage of this trend by having profitable business ideas for the Christmas season.

Profitable Christmas Business Ideas

If you have some extra time and want to make extra money this season, here are some business ideas you can do this season. They are also great for existing businesses who want to add temporary offerings during this season.

  1. Photography services

    With gatherings now allowed, people would surely want to meet friends and families that they have not seen for a long time. Help them capture great moments by offering photography services. Though people now have cameras on their phones, nothing beats having a dedicated photographer taking photos to capture every special moment.

    You can also offer Christmas portraits or studio shots with Christmas-themed backgrounds.

  2. Food services

    No gathering is complete without food. Someone has to cook staple Filipino party dishes like lumpia, kare-kare, and pancit. Hosts or guests may be too busy to prepare food for parties, a caterer doing the cooking for them is a great idea.

    You may also offer baked goods such as cakes and pastries. They are in demand during the holiday season as desserts or as gifts, making them great Christmas food business ideas.

    If you have a passion for cooking or baking, this business idea is for you.

  3. Event services

    If you have a space that can accommodate a good number of people, you can have it rented out for events. Just make sure that you clean your space well. Up the ante by organizing the event yourself, or offering other services like hosting or singing, if you have the talent for it.

  4. Clothes and accessories

    Christmas is one of the times when people update their wardrobes, so it is also a great time for businesses to offer clothes and accessories that are trendy or in fashion. 

  5. Gifts for Children

    Just like how the three kings gave presents to the young Jesus Christ, it has become a tradition to give children gifts during this season. In fact, many would even say that Christmas is for children. Thus, selling products for children is a great business idea. Check out cartoon characters that are popular among children. From there find products to offer—toys gadgets, or clothes—with characters printed on them.

  6. Giveaways

    It’s not Christmas without gift-giving, so coming up with great gift ideas that you can sell will be profitable. If you already offer products, you can bundle them as giveaways. You can also work with suppliers of office essentials like pens and notebooks to produce corporate giveaways. This requires early planning, especially if you plan to sell these products in bulk.

Don’t forget the New Year

The holidays do not stop at Christmas. It is always packed with the New Year celebration, hence the greeting “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” Also, stock up on popular items to sell as people welcome the coming year, like noisemakers or firecrackers (but only the safe ones), clothes with polka dots, and round fruits and sticky fruits that are considered lucky to have on New Year’s Day.

Start Your Small Business this Holiday

Some people may want to wait for their 13th-month pay or bonuses to start their businesses, but by then, they may already have the opportunities passed. If your money at the bank is not enough to finance your business, you have financing options to choose from, like the ones below:

Borrow money from friends and family. This requires no collateral aside from a good relationship with your friends and family. As long as you pay them back based on your agreed terms, there should be no problems. 

Use your credit card. If you have a credit card, you can do a cash advance transaction for your small business. No need for a lengthy loan application process. Just take note of the terms to avoid high penalties and interest rates. 

Avail of a personal loan. Though it is called a “personal loan” no one is stopping you from using it for your business, as long as you know how to manage your finances. A personal loan is offered by banks to individuals with a good credit history, so be sure you have one.

Pawn your assets. If you have assets that you are willing to let go temporarily, like jewelry or luxury bags, you can pawn them and get them back once your business earns profits. 

Avail yourself of small business loans. Esquire Financing Inc. or EFI provides loans to small businesses. EFI offers no collateral loan in the Philippines with flexible loan terms and only minimal documentary requirements. Borrow up to P10 million, which you can claim in 7 days or even less.

If you are interested in getting a business loan from Esquire Financing to fund your small business this holiday or for any time of the year, just visit our loans application page today and start fueling your business dream!