Last Updated On February 2021

What are the requirements for a business loan

Owning a business has its advantages and disadvantages. That is why only those who are truly passionate about what they do or what they offer are the ones who succeed in their chosen fields.

Looking at the glass half full, having your own business gives you flexibility, independence and control over your finances. This allows you to allocate time and resources to those that matter to you most. On the other hand, owning and operating your own business has risks and uncertainties. 

Just like how many successful business owners did it, when it’s time to take it to the next level, you will need to inject additional working capital into your business.

There are several types of business financing for SMEs in the Philippines and personal loan offerings that you can take advantage of to help you grow your business. Depending on the lender or where you get it from (short term loans or long term loans), new business loan requirements might differ from one financial institution to another. This makes applying for any type of loan harder than it is today for small business owners.

At Esquire Financing Inc., we like to keep our online business loan application as simple as possible. That is why we made our requirements for loan applications easy to procure. If you are a legitimate business owner who’s looking for a business line of credit, here are the requirements and the steps on how to apply for a business loan:

Mandatory requirements for all types of business owners who want to avail of our non-collateral business loan:

Additional requirements per type of business

At Esquire Financing Inc., there is no need to submit a copy of your Audited Financial Statements, personal credit score or merchant cash advance. As a legitimate business owner, we understand that it should be fairly easy for you to obtain these business loan requirements for you to get the loan amount you need. Once completed, you can submit these requirements to your trusted Loan Specialist or in any of our branches nationwide.

We provide updates at each step of the application process via email and SMS. That is why it’s very important to make sure that all information that you provided, especially your email address and mobile number, are correct and concise to avoid any delays.

Things to remember

Documentary requirements are vital to any loan application. That is why we appreciate the effort that you put into our application process. We made our turnaround time as efficient as possible to accommodate your needs and requirements.

After receiving your complete documentary requirements, you can expect an update in 7-business days or less. In parallel, your Loan Specialist will get in touch with you for the details of the loan application: Lacking documents (if there’s any), terms and conditions, monthly payments and more.

Know more about us

If you want to know more about our business loan, visit our website and fill out the online form or contact us at (02) 8811 8888 for more information. Our Customer Service team will guide you with your online business loan application before endorsing you to a Loan Specialist.

Take advantage of the opportunities that the market is offering. Grow your business with the help of our fast, hassle-free non-collateral business loan. Start your online loan application today by visiting